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David Bendeth

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Oliver Leiber

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Rob Cavallo

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Joe Barresi

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David Bottril

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Andres Rydholm

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Joe Chiccarelli

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Chris Baseboard

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Kato Khandwala

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Jim King

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Ross Robinson

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Billy Howerdell

A Pirfict Circle / Ashes Divide

Johhny Garcia

Garth Brooks / Trisha Yearwood

Cliff Campbell

Fair to Midland 

Kirk Mckim

Pat Travers 

Chris Hobs


Keith Howland


George Lynch

Lynch Mob / 2004 Tour

Ben Granfelt

Wishbone Ash

Dave Whiston

Rick Springfield Band

Ian Molla

The Urgency

Charles Henry

Blue Man Group / The Cab

Steve Stevens

Billy Idol / Atomic Playboys / Vince Neil 

Travis Ritchter

From First to Last

Alexx Johnson

The House Harkonnen / Convoy and The Cattlemen

Brian Harris

Lord Tracy

Ron Asheton

The Stooges / Dark Carnival

Nick Lashely

Alanis Morissette

Joey Mazzola


Kenny Olson

Kid Rock / Session Player

Tony Sarno

The Screaming Blue Demons

Ken Tudrick

Big Block 

Rick Perthod

Rick Berthod and The Persuader Band 

Bernd Aufermann

Angel Dust


I Mother Earth

Bobby Murray

Ella James

Scott Salyers

The Holy Cows

Greg Suran

The Goo Goo Doll’s / Session Player

Bill Derby

Edgar Winter

Nick Perri

Silvertide / Perry Farrells Satellite Party Shinedown / The Darling Stilettos / Sinai

Rick Speringfield

Rick Springfield Band

Dave Marshall

Vince Neil / Touring Tech 

Ian Pai

Fisher Spooner / Blue Man Group 

Jay Baskin

Touring Tech Dream Theater 

Scot Boland


Mike “Doty”

The House Harkonnen / Blood of The Sun

Mike Cross


Phil Durr

Big Chief / Thornetta Davis Band

Dick Easter

The Sandra Wright Band / Roy Buchannon

John Speck


Tom Scro

Tom Sera Band

Session Players

Tim Pierce

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Ed Supple

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Michael Landau

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Paul Hagy

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Andy Most

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Jeff King

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Noel Roy

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Mark Boldwin

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Kenneth Belcher

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User Comments

“Every guitar sounds good through a Naylor. This is the first time I’ve been able to hear the low notes. I wanted a Naylor so bad, I drove through Detroit to get one.”
~Ron Asheton – Dark Carnival, The Stooges

“I don’t usually get excited about amps, but this is incredible – the perfect amp! You don’t have to fight the guitar, because there’s so much tone in the amp. I can’t believe how many different tones it gets and they’re all real! ”
~ Mike Cross – Sponge

“Amazing! No other amp in the world sounds like this – natural and organic – it breathes. This is the first amp I’ve been able to really hear on stage. The ’66 GTO of guitar amps!”
~ Phil Durr – Big Chief, Thornetta Davis Band

“The Naylor Super-Drive Sixty is a monster! Do your strat a favor.”
~Dick Easter – The Sandra Wright Band, Roy Buchannon

“Brilliant. It’s the dog’s bollocks!”
~ Nick Lashley – Alanis Morissette

“These amps sound amazing. Real touch sensitive, warm and you can do so much with the tone controls. I hear the best qualities of old Marshall’s and Fender’s. Feedback is important to me and it’s real controllable with the Naylor.”
~ Joey Mazzola – Sponge

“The amp sounds great! Very warm and fat, even with my single coils. Once you play through a Naylor you’ll leave your rack at home.”
~ Andy Most – Nashville Studio Guitarist

“Like a fine woman, my Super-Drive Sixty head and 412 Compact Cab has a nice tight, round bottom end, contoured midrange, and highs that are perky and sweet.”
~ Kenny Olson – Kid Rock, Studio Guitarist

“After playing the Naylor and setting it the way I want, all I need to do is adjust the volume knob on my guitar to get all the sounds I need. Great tone! Thanks.”
~ Noel Roy – Nashville Studio Guitarist

“I spent months checking out new amps and was blown away by the Naylor. In fact, I recorded my entire record (“It’s a Blues Thing” – Icehouse/Priority Records) with one ’68 Tele, a Super-Drive Sixty head and 212 Compact Cab. Best amp I’ve ever heard, new or vintage – it wails!”
Tony Sarno – The Screaming Blue Demons

“Very warm, extremely articulate, and definitely gets that sought after ‘brown’ sound. My life long search is over – it rips!”
Tom Scro – Tom Sera Band

“Great tone, looks cool! Reliable, versatile and works with all my guitars. Has clarity and balls ‘Live at Leeds’ meets ‘LaGrange’.”
John Speck – Hoarse

“The Naylor amp is the only amp I’ve ever played that I totally dig. You can hear every string when it’s cranked and it cleans up when I back off. I don’t like much, but I love my Naylor.”
Ken Tudrick – Big Block

Known Recordings Featuring Naylor Amps and Cabinets 

The House Harkonnen:
Volume 4 2006 Self Release
Volume 5 2008 Never Released
Volume 6 2009 Do For It
Beast Mode 2012 Do For It
Volume 7 2013 Do For It
Morphology 2014 Do For It

Wax Ecstatic 1996 Columbia
New Pop Sunday 1999 Beyond

A Perfect Circle:
Mer de Noms 2000 Virgin
Thirteenth Step 2003 Virgin
eMOTIVe 2004 Virgin

I Mother Earth:
Scenery and Fish 1996 Capitol

12Lb. Test:
Harm’s Way 1999 Self Release
Let Yourself In 2001 Self Release

The Sound of Madness 2008 Atlantic
Amaryllis 2012 Atlantic

TuTu Jones:
Inside Out 2009 Soul Tone

Show and Tell 2004 Jrecords
Second Record 2007 Never Released

Rimshotcancercough 1999 Parallax

Rick Berthod and The Persuader Band:
Live in San Francisco 2000 RB Records and Music
Won’t Be Long 2001 RB Records and Music

Rob Zombie:
Hellbilly Deluxe 1998 Geffen

Drowning Pool:
Drowning Pool 2010 Eleven Seven Music

Fair to Midland:
Fables from a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is True 2007 Serjical Strike
Arrows and Anchors 2011 E1 Music

Maleveller 2011 Batle Flag

A Pinch of Chaos 2012