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Reverb-On Naylor Electra-Verb amps




Reverb-On Naylor Electra-Verb amps Part # 04-03-004

Volume, Bass and Treble-On Naylor Super Club, Super Drive and Electra-Verb amps

Master-On Naylor Duel amps Part # 04-03-005

$3.00 plus shipping

 Basic Tolex

Black    Palomino Brown   Aged Blond


Custom colors are available for an additional charge.

Blue Sparkel


Burgundy Sparkle


Cascade Sparkle


Charcoal Sparkle


Gold Sparkle


Green Sparkle


Hot Pink Sparkle


Silver Sparkle


Zodiac Sparkle


Black Chap Leather (Real Leather)


Brown Oily Leather (Real Leather)


Tweed (Tolex)                                                                                                    Red Bronco


Indigo Python                                                                                                  Grey Taurus


Tooled Leather (Tolex)                                                                           Purple Bronco


British Emerald Bronco                                                                   Hot White Bronco