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Dual Series Combo

From: $2,874.00

The Dual is a 38, 60 or 100 Watt, all tube combo. Tubes used are: 5881 Output and 12AX7WB Pre-amp & Effects Loop.

It’s a two channel design that is foot switched between clean and dirty channels with a Dual Stage Gain Control which adjusts two stages of gain simultaneously, for the smoothest, most gradual transition between clean, overdriven and heavily distorted settings on the dirty channel.

There are two parallel speaker output jacks and an impedance selector switch for them.  Amp controls include Master, Gain, Bite, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence.  A metal foot switch is included.


AC Power 110 – 240 volts 50 or 60 Hz Internal adjustment


1X12 Combo: 17 5/8″ H x 24 1/4″ W x 10″ D.

2X10Combo: 17 5/8″ H x 24 I/4″ W 10″ D.

2X12 Combo: 20″ H x 26 1/2″ W x 10″ D.



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MASTER Controls overall volume of the amp in both clean and dirty channels.
GAIN Controls pre-amp drive for the dirty channel. Low settings produce cleaner sounds, medium settings produce overdrive, and high settings produce heavy distortion.
VOLUME Controls pre-amp drive of the clean channel.
BITE SWITCH Produces a brighter sound with more “Bite” in the clean channel only. Up position produces the most bite, Down position produces less bite, Center position has no effect.
EFFECTS LOOP Tube driven, line level 1 volt R.M.S. For use with compatible rack mount effects.
3 POSITION GROUND SWITCH Helps to eliminate ground hum and noise on either side of the AC power line.

 Basic Tolex

Black    Palomino Brown   Aged Blond


Custom colors are available for an additional charge.

Blue Sparkel


Burgundy Sparkle


Cascade Sparkle


Charcoal Sparkle


Gold Sparkle


Green Sparkle


Hot Pink Sparkle


Silver Sparkle


Zodiac Sparkle


Black Chap Leather (Real Leather)


Brown Oily Leather (Real Leather)


Tweed (Tolex)                                                                                                    Red Bronco


Indigo Python                                                                                                  Grey Taurus


Tooled Leather (Tolex)                                                                           Purple Bronco


British Emerald Bronco                                                                   Hot White Bronco

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Aged Blond, Black, Black Chap Leather (Real Leather), Blue Sparkel, British Emerald Bronco Hot White Bronco, Brown Oily Leather (Real Leather), Burgundy Sparkle, Cascade Sparkle, Charcoal Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Green Sparkle, Hexa-Cone, Hot Pink Sparkle, Indigo Python Grey Taurus, Palomino Brown, Silver Sparkle, Tri-Tone, Tweed (Tolex) Red Bronco, Zodiac Sparkle

Cabinet Size

1X12 COMBO, 2X10 COMBO, 2X12 COMBO, 4X10 COMBO, Hex Cone, Tri-Tone Custom


38 Watts, 60 Watts, 100 Watts