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Compact Cabinet™

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The Naylor Compact Cabinet is a semi-open-back cabinet with a tuned rear vent design that produces the lo-end thump of a closed-back cabinet and also has the ability to produce the great mid-range and hi-end shimmer of an open-back design.

When recording mic-up, the cabinet with two mics (one mic on the front of a speaker cone for mid to hi-end, and one mic in the back vent of the cabinet for lo-end) combine to produce incredible sounds in all ranges.

  • Naylor Special Design speakers
  • Cabinet grade birch plywood
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Metal corners and metal jack plates
  • Locking dado construction for strength and sound quality
  • Optional Removable metal casters with tough rubber wheels
  • 1X12Dimensions: 17 5/8″H x 24 1/4″W x 10″DT
  • 2X10 Dimensions: 17 5/8″H x 24 1/4″W x 10″D
  • 2X12 Dimensions: 20″H x 26 1/2″W x 10″D
  • 4X10 Dimensions: 24 3/8″H x 24 1/4″W x 10″D
  • 4X12 Dimensions: 26 1/2″H x 26 1/2″W x 12 1/4″D

 Basic Tolex

Black    Palomino Brown   Aged Blond


Custom colors are available for an additional charge.

Blue Sparkel


Burgundy Sparkle


Cascade Sparkle


Charcoal Sparkle


Gold Sparkle


Green Sparkle


Hot Pink Sparkle


Silver Sparkle


Zodiac Sparkle


Black Chap Leather (Real Leather)


Brown Oily Leather (Real Leather)


Tweed (Tolex)                                                                                                    Red Bronco


Indigo Python                                                                                                  Grey Taurus


Tooled Leather (Tolex)                                                                           Purple Bronco


British Emerald Bronco                                                                   Hot White Bronco

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Aged Blond, Black, Black Chap Leather (Real Leather), Blue Sparkel, British Emerald Bronco Hot White Bronco, Brown Oily Leather (Real Leather), Burgundy Sparkle, Cascade Sparkle, Charcoal Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Green Sparkle, Hexa-Cone, Hot Pink Sparkle, Indigo Python Grey Taurus, Palomino Brown, Silver Sparkle, Tri-Tone, Tweed (Tolex) Red Bronco, Zodiac Sparkle

Cabinet Size

Head, 1X12, 2X10, 2X12, 4X10, 4X12, Hexa-Tone, Tri-Tone Custom