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Here at Naylor Engineering, we have combined years of research and development with the best qualities of the most revered vintage amps in order to create distinctly Naylor designs.  These designs represent the pinnacle of handcrafted American quality, timeless styling, roadworthy construction and awe-inspiring tone.
The unique Naylor tone is fat, raw, and rich in harmonics, while at the same time clear and well defined – you can hear every note.  The low-end growls but never becomes mushy.  The mid-range has a throaty, singing quality, and the treble is percussive yet musical.  The clean settings are articulate, clear, and warm with just enough twang and breakup to capture that elusive vintage feel.  Push up the gain for raw, bluesy overdrive with authority – like a vintage amp on steroids!  Full-tilt gain produces thick, ‘brown’ distortion – chords ring with definition – sustained notes swell into controllable feedback.
At first glance, a Naylor Amplifier appears as a beautifully simple work of art, until you plug-in and explore…  The touch sensitive circuitry senses your finger’s every nuance, allowing the character of the player and instrument to shine through.  You can easily shift between sparkling clean or searing overdrive simply by altering pick attack or adjusting the guitar’s volume control.  Musical expression to the maximum!
Naylor Amplifiers are painstakingly Point-to-Point Hand wired.  We have taken this time honored tradition to a new quality level, using rigid 1/8″ Linen Grade Phenolic Eyelet Boards, Heavy Gauge Wires, and Premium Components.The front panel features our innovative new Dual Stage Gain Control™ (now on all Naylor Amplifiers) which adjusts to the most gradual transition between clean, overdriven, and heavily distorted settings – you can precisely dial in the amount of drive.  The exclusive Full Range Master Volume™ maintains full, dynamic tones at all settings – even at low volumes.  Our Hi and Lo-Gain Inputs, Independent Tone Controls, and our exclusive Bite Switch (which switches between a biting ‘British’ or a softer ‘American’ attack) add to the flexibility of all Naylor amps.Other important features include Custom Designed Interleaved Paper Bobbin Transformers, Gold Plated Input/Output Jacks, Stainless Steel Control Panels, Full Length AccutroniCS™ Reverb Tanks, and of course, our exclusive line of critically acclaimed Naylor Speakers.
These all new amplifiers have been designed for the serious ‘Reverb’ player.  They deliver shimmering hi-end, transparent mid-range with the punch, lo-end clarity and incredibly fat, rich reverb not found in other reverb combos.  The loud, sparkling clean tone will definitely inspire the traditional jazz, country, surf , and blues players, but don’t be fooled by the simple design – these ‘vintage hotrods’ can also rock!
The original Naylor Super Series set the standard for non-reverb amps.  Smooth yet aggressive, these amps possess upper mid-range punch, fast response, intense dynamics, overall thick tone, and amazing stage cut.  This combination of clarity and fatness is simply unmatched.  The weapon of choice for defined clean picking, heavy blues riffing, and hard rocking.
The new Naylor Duel Series amps have the same great tone and feel as the Super Series but with a second clean channel that is foot switch operated.  Now jump from dirty to clean with ease and be a “Guitar God!”
Nobody takes cabinets as seriously as Naylor.  We even go so far as to handpick plywood for specific musical qualities – borrowing from classic vintage designs and adding our own extensive research.  These cabinets have a Tuned Rear Vent, that it is part of the secret behind the amazing tone.  This creates the projection and lo-end thump of a closed back design, with the dispersion and hi-end sparkle of an open back cabinet.  It also creates a ‘woody’, singing mid-range quality, which seemed to disappear after the 1950’s.  The deceivingly compact Naylor cabinets dispel the misguided rumors that cabinets cannot be small and light, and still knock you out!  In fact, our 412 Compact Cabinet is 25 percent smaller than standard, but delivers more clarity and lo-end than a conventional cabinet!  A testament to our innovative engineering.
We have developed an exclusive line of vintage style speakers that give you more.  Bigger, tighter lo-end, smoother breakup, greater stage projection, enhanced note clarity, plus real-world reliability beyond the originals and re-issues.  In other words, better vintage tone without the vintage problems. In keeping with this philosophy, we offer you today’s classics.

Special Design 1040 – With over two years of development, this 10″, 40 watt speaker represents the ultimate in a ‘hotrodded’ vintage design.  We have combined a classic Jensen style cone with a beefed-up magnet and voice coil for unparalleled results.  You get all the snap, chime and transparency expected from a great 10″ speaker, plus amazing low-end reproduction, efficiency and reliability far beyond the competition. (8 ohms.)

Special Design 50 – This 12″ speaker was introduced in 1993, garnishing rave reviews – “The Naylor delivers the tone and feel of an early sixties Jensen as promised … sweet clean tones, righteous dirty tones and nice mid-range compression on leads … the clear winner in the 12″ class” – Ken Fischer, Vintage Guitar Magazine.  The current speaker features an even fatter overall tone with smoother hi-end response. If you liked the original version, this one will blow you away. 50 Watt (8 and 16 ohms)