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{"title":"","artist_name":"The New Elite","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/08\/Tip-Jar-Naylor-SD60-Full-Mix.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/08\/newtitle-500x407.png","duration":"2:38"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Rob Zombie","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/02\/04.-Living-Dead-Girl.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Rob-Zombie.jpg","duration":"0:42"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Nayloramps ","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/02\/When-Youre-On-Fire-Baby-Roll-First-Verse-and-Chorus.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/sponge-new-pop-sunday.jpg","duration":"1:19"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"The House Harkonnen","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/02\/Black-Out-Your-Heart-Man-Full-Mix.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/04\/The-House-Harkonnen-Raildriver-OFFICIAL-VIDEO-1_thumb1-500x281.jpg","duration":"3:42"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Rick Hill","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Vibrosound_-_Friends-Edit.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Logo.jpg","duration":"1:04"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"White Knuckle Ride","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/The_X_Impossibles-Fire-Edit.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/whiteknuckleride_cover250.jpg","duration":"1:04"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"I Mother Earth","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Songburst-Delirium.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Scenery-and-Fish.jpg","duration":"0:50"}
{"title":"","artist_name":" Rick Springfield","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Tip-Jar-Naylor-SD60-Full-Mix.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Rick.jpg","duration":"2:38"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Rick Springfield Band ","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Jessies-Girl-Live-Edit.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Dave-Whiston.jpg","duration":"0:54"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Lemon James","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Livin_in_the_Sun.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Lemon-james.jpg","duration":"0:44"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Lemon James","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Livin_in_the_Sun.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/jess-bluecontactsheet2.jpg","duration":"0:44"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Rick Berthod","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Wont-be-long.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Rick-web.jpg","duration":"1:03"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Jim King","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/My-Own-Worst-Enemy-Full.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/12lb-Test2.jpg","duration":"1:22"}
{"title":"","artist_name":"Michael Hill, Joe Elwood, Michel Alves & Jake William\u2019s","audio_file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/Local-Driver-Edit.mp3","poster_image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/01\/12Lb-Test-1.jpg","duration":""}


12Lb. Test is a Band consisting of Michael Hill, Joe Elwood, Michel Alves & Jake William’s. This CD was Produced & Recorded by Jim King at Sonic Dropper, Dallas TX. Jun-Nov 1999. Naylor Amps were used on several of the tracks. Jake Williams is also working at Sonic Dropper on his own songs several of which feature Naylor Amps.

This song Features a Super Drive 60 and Naylor 212 cabinet

Rick Berthod & the Persuader Band is a powerful blues based band located in Los Angeles CA. Rick has been playing for many years and has played with many famous guitar players such as BB King, Gregg Allman, John Mayall & Delbert McClinton plus many others. This photo of Rick is at BB King’s Blues club located in the Universal City Walk in Los Angeles.  Below is a cut from the title song from Won’t Be Long, produced by Rick Berthod 2001.

Jack Off Jill This band has consisted of 12 members over its lifetime of which singer: Jessicka, bassist: Robin (Agent) Moulder, guitarist: HoHo Spade and drummer: Laura Simpson were once part of at the same time. The band was out of Fort Lauderdale FL.  Clear Hearts Grey Flowers on Risk Records is their final release.

Lemon James became interested in playing music at a very early age. She was inspired by soul-stirring guitar work from a Pink Floyd album.  Lemon assembled a band which she called Experienced and became known as “the female Jimi Hendrix.” Lemon James performances began in 1994 at open mic nights in clubs throughout Detroit.  Lemon began writing original material in the summer of 1994.  This led to the release of her debut album in December of 1995. “I AM A VOODOO CHILD.”  Lemon went back to the recording studio in 1998-99 and released “LIVIN IN THE SUN.

Rick Springfield Band – Rick Springfield and Dave Whiston both use Naylor amps. “We have both used Naylor Super-Drive 60 amps on the road for at least two years logging over a million air miles with them.  They are in regular flight cases and I have watched baggage handlers drop them from as high as 10 or 12 feet.  They have NEVER failed us for over 300 shows”.  Rick’s last album “Alive” was recorded with the same two amps as well…  “Ive never seen any amp handle this kind of abuse especially a tube amp.” Dave Whiston.

The New Elite – Did some demo work at Sonic Dropper Studios and used a Naylor Super-Drive 60 on some of the tracks including this one named Tip Jar. The band consisted of Johny Hawkins on vocals, Mike Graff from Course of Empire on guitar, Craig Reeves on guitar, Joseph Nedwed on bass and Clent Phillips on drums.

I Mother Earth – is a Canadian band with platinum status to their name. They formed in1990 and have recorded 4 cd’s including there second one Scenery and Fish of which this cut is off of, there latest cd is The Quicksilver Meat Dream. The bands influences, include jazz fusion, funk, and progressive rock.

The X Impossibles – formed in 1996 and released their first full length cd White Knuckle Ride in 2001. The band is from Athens Georgia and their influences include The Stooges, MC5, The Clash, The New York Doll’s and the The Misfits among others.  Heidi Bartel plays a Super Drive 60.

Vibrosound – Hailing from Dallas, TX., Vibrosound is the creation of singer/songwriter/guitarist Brant Thompson. Brant quickly teamed up with long time friend, Rob Lewis. To add to the chemistry of the project, bassist Rick Hill and guitarist Frank Smiley were also added.

Brantly Thompson: Lead Vocals (Guitar),
Rick Hill: Bass (Vocals),
Frank Smiley: Lead Guitar (Backing Vocals),
Rob Lewis: Drums

This track was recorded at Palmyra Studios, it features a Duel 60 and 212 cab, produced and engineered by Chris Bell

The House Harkonnen – from Arlington, TX., HK consist of singer/songwriter/guitarist Alex Johnson, guitarist Michael Doty, bassist Daniel Johnson and James Loubriel on drums. HK was in the Sonic Dropper Studio to record their latest EP for 2005 entitled “Volume 4” and while there they used some Naylor’s on all the tracks recorded.
The sounds they were getting were absolutely kick ass and the tracks prove it. Strait out Rock and Roll!!!

The track’s were recorded at Sonic Dropper, using a Gibson Explorer into ether a Duel 60 or SD60 Head through a Marshall 1960A Lead 412 cab.  The tracks were recorded engineered and produced by Jim King.

A Perfect Circle – Just about everyone know’s of APC and their story of how the band came about. The brain child of Billy Howerdal one time light tech, guitar tech and programmer for some major bands (NIN, Pumpkins, G N’ R, Fishbone and Tool to name a few) Billy had been writing song’s over the years during his tech work for the bands and in 96 while working on Tool’s Aenima sessions Maynard James Keenan heard Billy’s work and became interested in the project and from that APC was born.

Billy has three Naylor/Marshall hybrid amps one for studio work and two for the road they were Moded by Dave Friedman of Rack Systems Inc. one of our dealers in the LA area. The amps are Naylor preamps with Marshall JMP Super Lead 100 watt output sections.

Sponge – Hard rock blasting out of Detroit that is Sponge. The band has been around sense 1995 when they released Rotting Pinata which took them to radio and TV air play. There follow up release Wax Ecstatic in 1996 took them even higher in the music world.

During the second and third releases Joey Mazzola and Mike Cross used Naylor amps in the studio and on tour to support the releases